Review: CNN’s Parts Unknown on Trinidad and Tobago

“There’s Trinidad, and Tobago: One country, two very different islands, two very different places. One island is what you expected when you arrive wearing flip-flops and a Hawaiian shirt, all greased up with cocoa butter; the other ain’t about that at all.” – Anthony Bourdain   I’ve always been a fan of Anthony Bourdain’s travel [...]

16 tips from a local: how to stay safe and healthy when traveling in T&T

Usually, when you read about travel in the Caribbean, you only hear the good stuff: the beaches, the food, the rum, the parties, the "friendly locals." Although considered a high-income non-OECD country by the World Bank, the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago is not perfect. On a daily basis, Trinbagonians face real issues: crime, [...]