Hot Foot Trini: a Trinidadian who is always going somewhere

Welcome to Hot Foot Trini, a travel blog seen through the lens of a Trinidadian-born woman who lived and studied abroad in the UK for four years, traveled independently since 2002, and taught English in the heart of the Japanese inaka (countryside).

I started Hot Foot Trini on Blogger in August 2011 and then rebranded with a self-hosted website in November 2016. Since then, the blog has evolved from a personal travelogue to a repository of travel stories and practical travel advice. It is also now accompanied by Live Lyfe Photography, my husband’s photography. He’s also a Hot Foot Trini.

This blog focuses on:

  1. travel books/literature reviews and recommendations
  2. offbeat and popular destinations in Japan
  3. destination and culture guides for Trinidad and Tobago (written by a local)
  4. tried and tested tips and advice about living, working, and traveling abroad (especially as a person of color)
  5. vivid and engaging travel stories