Hot Foot Trini: a Trinidadian who is always going somewhere

Welcome to Hot Foot Trini, a travel blog seen through the lens of a Trinidadian-born woman who traveled independently since 2002, lived and studied abroad in the UK for four years, and taught English in the heart of the Japanese inaka (countryside).

My name is Suzanne. I started Hot Foot Trini on Blogger in 2011 and then moved to this website in 2016. Since then, the blog has evolved from a personal travelogue to a repository of travel stories and practical travel advice. It’s also accompanied by the work of Jesse, my husband and creator of Live Lyfe Photography. He’s also a Hot Foot Trini.

This blog focuses on:

  1. travel books/reviews and recommendations
  2. offbeat and popular destinations in Japan
  3. destination and culture guides for Trinidad and Tobago (written by a local)
  4. tried and tested tips and advice about living, working, and traveling abroad (especially as a person of color)
  5. vivid and engaging travel stories

Unlike some other travel bloggers out there, I’ve worked in English language education, journalism, and corporate communications. My writing has been featured on Matador NetworkSavvy TokyoGoNOMAD, WanderfulWorld Nomads, The Culture Trip, and Caribbean Beat. I’m also a Meaningful Travel Insider (MTI) for GoAbroad.

When I write something, I try to be as honest as I can. No B.S. here. I tell it as it is so you can make up your own mind. I also enjoy telling a great story so if you’re looking for stunning pictures AND vivid imagery through words, you’re in the right place!


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  1. GoAbroad: Author interview – Suzanne Bhagan



In 2015, Jesse and I partnered with Nishinoshima Tourism Association in Japan to promote the Oki Islands as a viable tourist destination for both domestic and international travelers. If you’re a travel/tour company or a tourism board, and you like what you’ve seen and read so far, drop me a line at



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