An introvert’s approach to travel

  A lot of people think they know me but don't really know me at all. People think that because I'm Trinidadian that I must be an extrovert. Firstly, they assume I'm loud. Not loud or even Loud. L O U D. Bubbling with scandalous kya kya kya laughter. Secondly, they think I must be [...]

Spending Christmas abroad

For many Trinis, spending Christmas away from home is nothing short of sacrilegious. No one disagrees with Susan Maicoo when she sings, "Oh yes! Trini Christmas is de best!" Firstly, why would anyone want to skip the food: rum-soaked black cake, meaty pastelles, pineapple-studded ham, roast turkey, sorrel, wild meat, ponche de creme? Then, there's parang music and carols on the radio, Soca Santa [...]