6 classic novelists from Trinidad and Tobago you should know about

“The best way to know the soul of another country is to read its literature.” Amos Oz Trinidad and Tobago, located at the end of the Caribbean archipelago and very close to the South American continent, is a cultural hotbed. The birthplace of steelpan and calypso is also home to an established and incredibly diverse [...]

Asa Wright Nature Center

As a long time/on and off again Trinidad and Tobago resident, it’s sometimes hard for me to like the place. Yes, the landscape is littered with bars, strip malls, Indian expos, Chuck E Cheese’s, Starbucks (a recent incursion), KFC, Pizza Hut, and McDonald’s. Yes, there's traffic, accidents, pollution, and a serious crime problem. But there’s [...]

An introvert’s approach to travel

  A lot of people think they know me but don't really know me at all. People think that because I'm Trinidadian that I must be an extrovert. Firstly, they assume I'm loud. Not loud or even Loud. L O U D. Bubbling with scandalous kya kya kya laughter. Secondly, they think I must be [...]

Deep travel: 5 books to help you understand the Caribbean

Think the Caribbean is just a sun, sea, and sand playground where rum flows like water and sunsets make you cry?   Think again. As a traveler, if you really want to understand the region more deeply, read Caribbean literature by Caribbean authors. Dig below the Instagrammable surface of street parties and deserted beaches and [...]

It’s not a typical Trini Indian Wedding unless these 9 things happen

 If you're ever in Trinidad and Tobago, don't miss the bacchanal of a typical Trini Indian (usually Hindu) wedding. Here are 9 things that may happen while you're there. 1. The wedding lasts a long time. Unlike traditional Western-style weddings that wrap up in one day, Hindu weddings in Trinidad and Tobago are marathon affairs. [...]

Spending Christmas abroad

For many Trinis, spending Christmas away from home is nothing short of sacrilegious. No one disagrees with Susan Maicoo when she sings, "Oh yes! Trini Christmas is de best!" Firstly, why would anyone want to skip the food: rum-soaked black cake, meaty pastelles, pineapple-studded ham, roast turkey, sorrel, wild meat, ponche de creme? Then, there's parang music and carols on the radio, Soca Santa [...]

Traveling with a passport from a country no one’s heard of

Have you been traveling for a while and every time you cross a border, someone looks at your passport and scratches his or her head? Are you accustomed to shelling out lots of dinero to get travel visas to visit certain countries?   If you answered yes to the above-mentioned questions, guess what? You're not [...]

The story behind the Temple in the Sea, Trinidad

Did you ever listen to the words of the song, "The impossible dream?" Little did I know that the words I sang applied to Siewdass Sadhu, the folk hero of the fishing village where I went to primary school. Never heard of him? Let me fill you in. Sadhu migrated to Trinidad from India with [...]

Must-see places in Trinidad and Tobago

If you're Trinbagonian or yearning to travel to Trinidad and Tobago in the south of the Caribbean, here are some must-see places and things to do that should be on your bucket list.  1. Go turtle watching. If you're into nature and animals, then you will love this experience. Imagine witnessing a mammoth leatherback turtle [...]

16 tips from a local: how to stay safe and healthy when traveling in T&T

Usually, when you read about travel in the Caribbean, you only hear the good stuff: the beaches, the food, the rum, the parties, the "friendly locals." Although considered a high-income non-OECD country by the World Bank, the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago is not perfect. On a daily basis, Trinbagonians face real issues: crime, [...]