It’s not a typical Trini Indian Wedding unless these 9 things happen

 If you're ever in Trinidad and Tobago, don't miss the bacchanal of a typical Trini Indian (usually Hindu) wedding. Here are 9 things that may happen while you're there. 1. The wedding lasts a long time. Unlike traditional Western-style weddings that wrap up in one day, Hindu weddings in Trinidad and Tobago are marathon affairs. [...]

11 insider tips to survive the Taj Mahal

Because many Trinis at home and abroad claim Indian roots, India is a popular destination. For many, it's a dream to visit the "motherland," the home of ancestors who came to the Caribbean to work on sugarcane fields as indentured laborers. The Taj Mahal is usually on their bucket list. Commissioned in 1632 by Mughal [...]