Hello! My name is Suzanne. I’m a Trinidadian-born travel writer who has studied, lived, worked, and traveled abroad since 2001.

Unlike some other travel bloggers out there, I am an experienced communications professional. I’ve worked in print journalism and corporate communications. Wild card: I’ve also taught English as a Foreign Language in Japan.

In addition to this blog, my work on culture, meaningful travel, traveling as a person of color, teaching English abroad, working abroad, and studying abroad has been featured on Matador NetworkSavvy TokyoGoNOMAD, WanderfulWorld Nomads, The Culture Trip, and Caribbean Beat (to name a few). I’m also a Meaningful Travel Insider (MTI) for GoAbroad.

When I write something, I try to be as honest as I can. No B.S. here. I will tell it as it is so you can make up your own mind. I also enjoy telling a great story so if you’re looking for stunning pictures AND vivid imagery through words, you’re in the right place!


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I have partnered with Nishinoshima Tourism Association in Japan to successfully promote the Oki Islands as a viable tourist destination for both domestic and international travelers. If you’re a travel/tour company or a tourism board, and you like what you’ve seen and read so far, drop me a line at hotfootrini@gmail.com



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