It’s already been one year!


We can’t believe one whole year has passed since we restarted Hot Foot Trini!

It’s grown immensely, thanks to the consistent support from you, our fantastic readers and followers! We’re very grateful for your wonderful comments, shares, and endorsements. It really gives us the inspiration to keep blogging, even though travel blogs continue to mushroom in the virtual sphere a mile a minute.

With that said, here are Hot Foot Trini’s 10 most popular posts of all time. Happy reading! 🙂

1. 9 chocolate makers you can only find in Trinidad and Tobago

2. The best things we ate in India

3. Review: CNN’s Parts Unknown on Trinidad and Tobago

4. Must-see places in Trinidad and Tobago

5. An introvert’s approach to travel

6. The best things we’ve eaten in Japan

7. It’s not a typical Trini Indian Wedding unless these 9 things happen

8. Home sweet home: dealing with reverse culture shock

9. Asa Wright Nature Center

10. Around the world in 100 books

What’s your favorite post? Share in the comments below!


16 thoughts on “It’s already been one year!

  1. Ah congratulations! I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts, but I liked the one about chocolate in Trinidad and Tobago. For one, I’m a big chocolate fan, and 2, I never knew they made chocolate there! Keep up the great work 🙂

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  2. Hey, Congratulations. I think we all know how easy it is to start a blog, but how time consuming and hard it is to continue with it. Kudos to you and wishing you lots of stories and travels in the future. Loved your Japan foodie post a most since I crave everything Japanese.

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  3. Oh congrats! What a cool selection! I just opened a few posts onTT… you know how much I lvoed your country and will definitely read them to daydream a bit. Do you know the chocolate people from Lopinot? We had dinner there and by mere chance we saw them back at this year’s WTM in London…. we were so happy to see them back 🙂

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  4. Hearty hearty congratulations. Glad to see your Top 10 posts. I’m gonna head to each one of those and read them! Being an Indian, I guess I’m gonna be partial to your 2nd one! Lolz…


  5. Congrats on the blog’s anniversary. More awards this year to the blog (ger). I loved the Trini Indian Wedding more. A maticoor night sounds awesome to me. Hahahaha, teary mother and bride who doesn’t want to smidge her make up. So funny. Reading this post enlightened me about the Trini culture and I’d love to witness one in person. Prolly marry soemoen from Trini (winks).


  6. Congratulations!! The first year always flies by. You’ve done an amazing job, keep it up this upcoming year and I wish you a successful travel and blog 2018! All best, Ella


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