Photo essay: Day trip to Mihonoseki

Seki is a goodly place,

facing the morning sun;

there, from the holy mountains,

the winds blow softly, softly


– Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan by Lafcadio Hearn

Looking for more off the beaten track Japan? Mihonoseki should be your next stop. This small fishing town straddles the invisible border between Shimane and Tottori prefectures in southwestern Japan. Historically, it was an important port town because of its proximity to the Korean peninsula. Today, it’s a great place to soak up the atmosphere of preserved Old Japan.

miho shrine
Mihonoseki is home to one of Japan’s oldest shrines. Miho Jinja is the head shrine of all Ebisu shrines. Ebisu is the Shinto god of fishing and prosperity. Fishing remains a significant form of livelihood in Mihonoseki.
ema prayer plaque
Ema are small wooden plaques you buy at Japanese shrines. You write your prayer or wish on it and leave it at the shrine. This one is dedicated to Ebisu, the Shinto god of fishing.
sea of japan
Mihonoseki is located on the eastern cape of the Shimane Peninsula so there’s lovely water everywhere. The Sea of Japan teems with wildlife. While we were there, we spotted dolphins very close to this shore.
mihonoseki harbor
This lovely moon bridge is right by Mihonoseki Harbor. From the bridge, you can see through to the seabed because the water is so clear.
squid mihonoseki
Don’t leave Mihonoseki without trying its specialty, grilled squid. The squid is some of the freshest you’ll ever try in Japan and is perfect with just a little soy sauce and shichimi (Japanese spice blend).
This is a view of Mihonoseki Harbor from Gohonmatsu park. The park is located on a small hill close to the harbor area. Gohonmatsu is also famous for its beautiful azaleas in spring.

Photos: © Jesse Ramnanansingh

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18 thoughts on “Photo essay: Day trip to Mihonoseki

  1. I love the look of Mihonokesi, mostly because there seem to be no tourists around at all. I love exploring non-touristy destinations, they are so much more authentic. The grilled squid looks so appetizing, I would definitely try it if I’ll ever be in the area.

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  2. Japan is a true beauty! I love the good mix of man-made and natural attractions. I haven’t heard much about Mihonoseki but your photos definitely got me curious. Like Suzanne, I love that it does not look as touristy as other parts of Japan!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great photos but the one that got my attention was the grilled squid! It looks so good! My friends who have already visited Japan kept on raving about their trips. Hopefully, I’ll get to visit soon too!

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  4. I love visiting old towns and Mihonoseki is definitely appealing to me. From your photos, I can see that this is a good place to appreciate nature, history and culture, and enjoy food! The seafood must be worth a try. 🙂

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  5. I was sold at the mention of the oldest Japanese shrine and that beautiful harbor, but what really caught my attention was the fact that it is not touristy! I wonder how?!? Good for me though…I love to explore places that have a very local vibe 🙂

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  6. Mihonoseki in Japan is place for nature lovers. I would really love to go this place for clear blue waters and peaceful hilly locale. You are very lucky that you spotted Dolphins so close and also the seabed. Nice pictures.

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  7. I love places which are off the beaten track and this looks like one of those pretty places. I loved the view from the Gohonmatsu park and the wooden plaques (for writing prayers). Beautiful pics and the place looks very attracting. Would love to explore it someday. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I had not even heard of Mihonoseki until I stumbled upon this blog. It is these untouristy places which attract with me their quaint, unpretentious charm. The sea of Japan has such crystal clear water. Watching Dolphins pass by is so exciting. I did that in Goa, India.

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  9. Now this is the type of place I’d love to visit in Japan. You’re so right about it being off the beaten track, because I’ve never heard of Mihonoseki. That old Japanese shrine, Miho Jinja, is stunning, I wonder what century it dates back to. Squid is one of my favourite foods, and the grilled version is heaven to me.


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