Beach season in Shimane, Japan

In Shimane, Japan, beach season is strictly observed.

The beaches are deserted when it’s off-season yet packed on Umi no Hi or Marine Day (July 17).

TRINI (1) (1)Sasago beach is one of the loveliest beaches we’ve ever encountered (and we grew up in the Caribbean!). In late spring, before beach season, it is empty save for one family frolicking in the shallows. The water in the bay is cold but so transparent you can see jellyfish and blowfish glide by. 

HOT FOOT (3)On Marine Day, it’s another story. It feels like Pigeon Point in Tobago. Kids are squealing. Little girls in fluorescent swim caps pace the narrow shoreline. A young mother builds a sand castle with her children, sometimes throwing sand on her inebriated partner.

Some men sit under a tent. They sport red faces and chests, partly from the sun, partly from the alcohol. The women are smarter, their torsos and arms covered with long-sleeved rash guards or cotton hoodies.


Kitaura beach is another popular Shimane beach. Surrounding hills are covered with scrubby conifers and other vegetation. Birds chirp. A crow squawks. A kite shriek. In the distance, trucks rumble unseen. The sand is cool yet soft. Seaweed and driftwood litter the beach.

TRINI (4) (1)

The bay curves gently. Waves slosh gently on the shore. The water is smooth and clear. It feels soft and cold, like a glass of cold water. There are ripples on the sea bed. Some kayakers paddle nearby. A man combs some rock pools. In knee-deep water, he crouches, searching with slow, deliberate movements. 

Photos: © Live Lyfe Photography

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Shimane beaches



17 thoughts on “Beach season in Shimane, Japan

  1. Sasago beach is definitely a place I’d like to be! It reminds me of the beaches of Thailand which were also very beautiful! I can see myself ending up on this beach! Great read!

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  2. Wow how incredible. See when I think of Japan, I think of winter and all the powder skiing and snowboarding! But I would love to visit in summertime to see some of the beaches. People don’t usually associate Japan with the beaches but I can see there are some very beautiful ones around.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I had no idea Japan had a beach. I wonder how far away it is from Tokyo. I’d love to visit as it looks so beautiful. Wow I’m so impressed thanks for sharing. We are actually heading to Japan in 2 weeks. So I’m excited about it making some time to visit this beach. The blue waters are so tempting 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’ll take your word on Sasago Beach as you’re from the Caribbean! Japan is on my list and I never knew the beaches were this nice. I’ll also remember Kitaura Beach for the future!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I never knew Japan have beautiful beaches. Water is so crystal clear at Sasago beach. Kituara Beach is also equally beautiful. As Japan is cold country, then best time to visit here must be in summers.


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